Top Best Way To Earn Money Thru PUBG / PUBG MOBILE GAME

BEST WAY TO EARN MONEY FROM PUBG MOBILE: today i will show you How Can Earn a decent money thru Pubg Game. This post will share the details of top best way to earn money thru online game Pubg / PUBG MOBILE.
Most of us have already installed Pubg Mobile like Facebook, Whatsapp and we play it regularly on daily basis. Now more than 400 million people in the world play the pubg Game.

Earn Money Thru PUBG/PUBG MOBILE: 

Yes!! You will love to hear that You can earn a sexy income from PUBG MOBILE/Pubg. Now many pubg players / pro players make pubg as their profession and earn money. Here i am going to explain that How you can also can be part of them. 

Way to Earn Money from Pubg /PUBG MOBILE. 

1. Joining in PUBG Tournaments: after huge popularity of this game many organisations has started PUBG Tournament if you are Good Player and pros & Cons and have guts to win the matches you can earn by joining that. You have to just pay entry fee and if you are Winner Winner Chicken Dinner you will also receive tournament prizes. 

2. Organising of PUBG Tournament / Custom Room : you can also create custom room and start Tournaments for Pubg players, from every player / Squad you will get money in  form of Entry Fee. Some part of that money can give to winner as tournament prize.

3. PUBG To Youtube / Facebook Stream: play pubg and stream it on youtube / facebook. If you make good number of fans / subscriber on your page / channel and have good number of views you can earn huge money. Here i am providing details

3.1 Monetization: If you success to get a good number of subscribers / views on facebook / Youtube. The both social platforms give you chance to monetize your live stream and will pay to you for ad running on your live stream / videos.

3.2 Super Chat: In youtube the google occupied online video sharing site "Youtube" have a option that your fans / viewers can send you money in form of Super Chat. So what are you waiting for lets start earning.

3.3 Youtube Membership: your fan can support you by joining in membership on your youtube channel and you can earn monthly / Quarterly / yearly membership fee.

Here i have explain best way to earn money thru Pubg Game. Let me know any other way which i have missed in below comment section or you can mail me at :
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