Ultimate Jokes for Valentine Day 2018

In this valentine week lovers will their good times with their them who are who cloae to their heart but what about Singles, They celebrate this day by crack jokes on them(lovers).
Ultimate funny Jokes for Valentine Day

Ultimate Jokes on Valentine's Day 2018

Boy: Hey Lovely, on this valentine day, i want to show feelings of my heart. I am not richest person like Johny, I font have a mansion like Tom, I don't have porche like Ishar, But I do love you and want to marry you. 

Girl: Oh, dear, I love you too! What was that you said about Ishar? 

Happy Valentine's Day Funny SMS

If you dont have valentine, on Valentine's Day, don't be sad.. 

Most people don't have Aids on World Aids Day as well 😂😂

Valentine's Day funny quotes

Friend: What do you plan for this Valentine's? 

Me: Killing every one, who is asking me this. 

Fresh Jokes for Valentine Day 2018

Friend: Who's your valentine this year? 

Me:  I have same valentine, every year. 

Friend: Wow thats great, who's that? 

Me: I, Me and myself. 

Funny Valentine's Day Idea

Superb idea for Valentine's Day
  1. Ask her, what she wants. 
  2. Buy Online
  3. Enter her address
  4. Select "CASH ON DELIVERY"  😂🤣😂😂

Valentine's Day For Indians

For other its called Valentine's

and for indians "बेलनtine"  😂😂

Valentine's Day and Girlfriends

Valentine's about to come

If any one have extra girlfriend, Can give me. 

This charity will be mean like, you feed to hunger. 

Valentine's meaning after passing marriage year

After 5 years of marriage 

Husband bring white rose on Valentine's Day, 
Wife: but people bring red rose this day.?
Husband: You are right, but today Peace matter me than love. 😂😂

Thought for Valentine's Day

If you are sad sad about being alone Valentine's Day. Just Remember... 

No one loves you on the other days of the year either. 😕

Valentine's Day and Condoms

Pls dont forget to buy condoms this valentine day

Otherwise, you have to celebrate Happy Fathers day next year,. 

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