Big mistake made in New Currency of Rupee 2000 - Indian Rupees

Mistake in New Currency of Rupee 2000: Reserve Bank of India and PM Narender Modi recently launched new currency of Rs 500 and 2000 and banned old currency of Rs 500 and 1000.

Many common people's face problems of this change. Weddings got in trouble they cant use their money and facing many problems. 

And people watch Rahul Ganddhi stand in que to change momey. like this many stories are headlines of news and social sites like facebook.

But no one see this big mistake in New Currency: 

Look back side of Rs 1000 note you can see a big mistake made by RBI on new currency.

Don hazar rupaye is printed instead of Do Hazar Rupaye.


This mistake is made by RBI. Let check out this mistake and comment if you can't find this.

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