Crazy people on my WhatsApp list

Crazy people on my WhatsApp list..!!
1. Someone on his status "Sleeping" since 3 Days! He's Probably dead.
2. Someone is "Driving" since 5 days! I guess he reached Dubai!!!
3. Someone's status is "Happy" since 1 Month. Living in Paradise??
4. Someone is always 'Available'. How free Are you??
5. From first day their status is, 'Hey there! I'm using WhatsApp' I Know! That's why you're on my list!
6. Someone writes "urgent calls only". Don't get it... Are you in the police or ambulance service?
7. Someone says, "Can't talk. WhatsApp only". Dude then throw away your phone.. You are not using the phone's Primary function
8. Someone is 'at da movies' for the past 6 weeks. Either he owns da theater or sells popcorn there..
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